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Piping and Repiping

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Piping and Repiping Services Flawless Piping solutions from Techcool Plumbing

Piping is usually developed to last for a long period of time but they will start to corrode when they pass their lifespan. Techcool Plumbing experts will analyze the structure of your home, and how your piping is connected throughout the house as well as to the sewer and main water line. Only after a thorough inspection will we suggest a repair or if it’s beyond repair then a replacement.

A Techcool Plumbing professional provides you with an honest estimation quickly and will replace your piping structure without disruption to your garden or yard.

Knowing the lifespan of your pipes is important, especially for the homeowners who reside in the older homes to know if their pipes reached the expiration.

These are the lifespans of various pipes:

Brass – 80 to 100 years

Copper – 70 to 80 years

Galvanized steel – 80 to 100 years

Iron – 80 to 100 years

Polyvinyl chloride, or PVC – 24 to 40 years

Other natural factors like water pressure or growing of roots may contribute to early damages of pipes. You may check for a sign to get an idea about your pipe condition, such as a change in color of water, sudden change water pressure, leakage. Call Techcool plumbing to get experts at you inspect your piping whether it needs repair or repiping.